Additional Help

As I am working with my clients, situations arise where they need additional services that I cannot or do not choose to provide. Over my career, I have developed working relationships with various professionals that I feel may be a good fit for my clients:


  • Legal - attorneys to assist in setting up a new business, develop an estate plan, or help with other legal needs.
  • Investing - financial planners to assist with education, retirement, and other investments.
  • Insurance - agents that assist with coverage for your business, life, home/auto, and health/disability.
  • Information Technology - IT Professionals that can build your website, configure your network, and help with security.

Free Financial Report Card to help you review additional services that may be needed.

To get additional information about a professional to help you, please [click here]. I do not share your personal or tax information. I will provide you with the contact information of a professional. Then you can initiate the contact.